‘Greek from Ilektra’

Lupines / Lupin / Λούπινο


Common Name: Lupines / Lupin / Λούπινο

Scientific Name: Lupinus albus


Plant’s cycle: Annual

Light Requirement: Full Sun

Soil type: Any moderately good soil. pH. 4.7 – 7.5

Sowing in nursery: February or September

Direct Planting: March or October

Germination: 12-20 days after sowing

Harvest: 90-180 days

Spacing: 20cm/20cm/3cm deep  


Flowers hermaphrodite

Pollination: Self, Bees.

Plant is self-fertile

Seed preservation: 5 years


Edible Parts: Seeds

Medicine: Diuretic;  Emmenagogue;  Hypoglycaemic;  Vermifuge

The seeds, taken internally, are diuretic, emmenagogue, hypoglycaemic and vermifuge. When bruised and soaked in water they are used as a poultice on ulcers etc.

Known Hazards: The seed contain bitter-tasting toxic alkaloids. These toxic alkaloids can be leeched out of the seed by soaking it in running water for few days. It may also be necessary to change the water once during cooking.