Horned Cucumber / Kiwano / Κίουανο


Common Name: Horned Cucumber / Kiwano / Κίουανο

Scientific Name: Cucumis metuliferus


Plant’s cycle: Annual

Light Requirement: full sun

Soil type: Requires a rich, well-drained moisture retentive soil. pH 6.2 – 7.2

Sowing in nursery: April

Direct Planting: May

Germination: 7 to 8 days after sowing (15 – 28 ºC)

Harvest:    90 to 120 days after sowing

Spacing: 60cm/60cm/2cm deep  


Flowers are monoecious (individual flowers are either male or female, but both sexes can be found on the same plant)

Pollination: by insects

Plant is self-fertile

Seed preservation: 5 years


Edible Parts: Fruit, Seed

Medicine: Vermifuge

The seeds are vermifuge. They are ground into fine flour, then made into an emulsion with water and eaten. It is then necessary to take a purge in order to expel the tapeworms or other parasites from the body.

Known Hazards: The sprouting seed produces a toxic substance in its embryo.