‘Red Faro’

Quinoa / Quinoa / Κινόα


Common Name: Quinoa / Quinoa / Κινόα

Scientific Name: Chenopodium quinoa


Plant’s cycle: Annual

Light Requirement: full sun

Soil type: Moist soil of any kind. ph 6.0 - 8.5

Sowing in nursery: February

Direct Planting: March

Germination: 1 to 4 days after sowing (10 – 20 ºC)

Harvest: 180 days after sowing

Spacing: 25cm/10cm/1cm  


Flowers: hermaphrodite (have both male and female organs)

Pollination: wind, Self.

Plant is self-fertile

Seed preservation: 5 years


Edible Parts: Leaves. Seeds

Other Uses: Dye; Repellent; Soap.

Gold/green dyes can be obtained from the whole plant. Saponins on the seed can be used as a bird and insect deterrent by spraying them on growing plants. The saponins are obtained by saving the soak-water used when preparing the seed for eating. The spray remains effective for a few weeks or until washed off by rain.

Known Hazards: It contains saponin, though usually in quantities too small to do any harm, they are also broken down to a large extent in the cooking process. People with a tendency to rheumatism, arthritis, gout, kidney stones or hyperacidity should take especial caution if including this plant in their diet since it can aggravate their condition since it contains oxalic acid.