Biography of ASFC

In October 2012 in collaboration with Dr. Vandana Shiva and as a response to her call to join the efforts of the seed freedom movement, an improvised seed nursery on film maker's balcony was created where hundreds of small pots awaited to be given away.

in August 2012 ‘A Seed for Change’ the documentary and while still in the making gave birth to a network of seed keepers and a non-profit organization specialized in heirloom seed reproduction in the middle of the city for the preservation of our heritage and biodiversity’

Today, the members of ASFC reproduce and swap old varieties of fruits and vegetables that they grow on their balconies and roof tops. 

The intention of both the documentary and the non-profit is to mobilize city people, regardless of race, gender, social status, and political affiliation and connect them through a common hobby which is to revive old varieties of fruits and vegetables.

None of this would have been possible without the help of many, especially the generous backup of the Swiss foundation ‘Pour Une Terre Humaine’ in July 2012 and the support of the French association Kokopelli in February 2013.