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"Do watch this very important film for our times. A Seed for Change creates hope."
- Vandana Shiva

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the seed keepers

A Seed for Change is a feature length documentary that while still in the
making gave birth to a network of seed keepers and a non-profit
organisation. It is specialised in urban heirloom seed reproduction, thus
helping city growers become part of the solution; to preserve our heritage,
biodiversity, and hope for a better future.

a seed for change the association

‘A Seed for Change the Association – VAT#
997796752 – is a Greek registered non-
profit since 2012. Its main activity is (1)
helping individuals grow edibles and
reproduce heirloom seeds in urban setups
organically, (2) producing audio visual
contents that resonate with the spirit of
the association in making the world a
better place, (3) organising festivals, seed
exchange gatherings and other events
related to the propagation of heirloom
seeds and procure those events with
plants and seeds.