‘Greek Common Mediterranean Hartwort’

Mediterranean Hartwort / Tordyle d'Apulie / Καυκαλήθρα
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Common Name: Mediterranean Hartwort / Tordyle d'Apulie / Καυκαλήθρα

Scientific Name: Tordylium apulum


Plant’s cycle: annual

Light Requirement: any condition: full sun to shade

Soil type: any soil: sandy, loamy and clay soils. pH. 6.2 – 7.2

Sowing in nursery: October

Direct Planting: November

Germination: 12 days after sowing

Harvest: leaves after 120 days,

Spacing: 20cm/20cm/1cm deep  


Flowers are hermaphrodite (have both male and female organs)

Pollination: cross-pollinated by insects

Plant is self-fertile

Seed preservation: 5 years


Edible Parts: Leaves


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